Scene 10

SABOTAGE said...

Try and start a game of patty cake with the person while singing chicken head by project pat.

I walk towards the villager with my hands out whilst chanting "Bawk bawk, chickie chickie, bawk bawk, chicken head!" repeatedly.

The villager makes a loud "WHOOP!" sound. Two more villagers emerge from huts, armed.
They don't really seem to want to play patty cake - although I could be wrong.


Scene 09

SABOTAGE said...

examine the skulls and bones to determine the physical attributes of the people who owned them, age, bones bleached/not bleached, size, cause of death etc.

The skulls seem to be human but at the same time they are quite small and differently shaped than that of the skeleton I found in the other cave. It is possible that they are children's skulls also. They seem to have been left in the sun as well before being brought down into the cave.

Each skull seems to have a red cresent moon shape painted on the forehead. I am not sure of the cause of death but I think that the weapons were stuck into the skulls after death as a part of a ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Paint yourself green with the wall paint, put on the mask, remove the most useful weapons from the skulls, and head up the ladder. ...and if you paint yourself up be sure do your face green, and use soot from the lamp to make a scary looking makeover in case the mask is removed.

I have covered my clothes and skin with the green paint left on the walls, I'll climb up to the village now.

*Spear, Axe, and Dagger added to inventory.*

I quietly climb up into the village. There is someone guarding the large pot here, he hasn't spotted me yet.

What next?!



I am in the process of moving to a new house so I have been a little slow to post these days. I will try to get scene 9 done tonight though - keep tuning in, thanks!


Story Title

I want to start compiling the story so far into video form, that means I need a title. You all have suggested everything so far - so what should the title be?

Leave a suggestion as a comment on this post. If you want to suggest an action for scene 8 please comment on scene 8, not here.


Scene 08

Anonymous said...

Check out the village (after dark). If there are people there, wait till early sunrise to climb down to the cave. If the village is deserted, check out the gate, and see if you can open it.

It's night time now and I see the village is alive. I can hear the occasional voice, not a language I recognize. I also notice there is quite a lot of activity in the cave under the village, it must connect up into the village somehow.

Now I wait for sun up...

The village is quiet again... I'll head over to the cave now.

I tie the rope to the bridge's post, seems strong enough. I climb down the rope into the cave. I can't untie the rope from down here so I'll have to just leave it.

*Rope removed from inventory.*

Seems the cave is used for some sort of ritual...

Now what?


Scene 07

Anonymous said...
Climb the trees and collect vines to make a long strong rope

Anonymous said...
Look for a stick to make a spear and club using your knife

Okay, back up into the trees...

Okay, I've collected all the vines I could find here and have woven them into a tight rope. I am confident it would be able to support my weight but not much more.
*Rope added to inventory.*

I took a little extra vine and tied my knife to a long branch I got from the tree, fashioning a makeshift spear. I cram the spear into my magical 'adventure game' pocket.
*Spear added to inventory.*

July said...
actually wonder how you got yourself into this mess...

Well I guess jumping from an airplane into an uncharted jungle, while holding all your supplies in a bag that isn't harnessed or attached to your body in anyway wasn't a good start... Added to that, the fact that I haven't made any concrete plans of how to contact anyone in an emergency and didn't keep a radio or phone on my person...

Well, live and learn I always say!

So now I have a spear and some rope - now what?



I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is participating so far. I am having a lot of fun with this. The suggestions for scene 5 were great and I spent a long time thinking about which to choose. Of course I can't use them all because they contradict each other. If I don't use yours don't be discouraged, keep posting and I'll surely use one of yours.

I also wanted to ask if anyone was having problems posting or if they noticed the page didn't refresh automatically. When you check the blog make sure to hit the refresh button. If you can't submit your suggestion or get an error just send me an e-mail at ' alexanderarts@gmail.com '

If you have time check out an animation I have been working on - let me know what you think:

Scene 06

Anonymous said...
Look around for any tools or equipment left by the dead guy.

I look around the cave. The skeleton seems to be totally bare, strange... It seems he was left in this cave with no clothes because there are no remnants of cloth material. On further inspection the bones seem too white, as if they were bleached by the intense rays of the sun, not something you normally get in a dark cave...

Looking behind me I see the cave does go further back but then is blocked my an immense cave in of rocks and boulders, something that would take many men and maybe some dynamite to clear. There doesn't seem to be anything else of use in the cave.

I put the map in my pocket. *Map added to inventory*

Rameats said...
Throw the bone you obtained earlier deeper into the cave to lure the wolf away. Then, run out of the cave heading towards the $ mark on the map.

I pull out the bone and wave it. Wow! The wolf seems really interested. I toss it behind me.
*Bone removed from inventory*

Okay, he ran past me, I better get out of here!

As I exit the cave I put out the torch. *Torch added to inventory*
I keep running through the trees towards the bridge.

Looking in front of me I notice a few things. The bridge is quite long and seems to be in a state of disrepair. There are no railings or ropes to hold as your cross. On the other side of the bridge is a large wall with guard posts on either side of a big red gate.

There aren't any people inside the towers and I can't hear any commotion from the village. It seems the map hasn't accurately depicted this area, but it is also possible that the map is quite old, things may have changed since it was drawn.

Looking down into the chasm I see what appears to be a small river, it doesn't look very deep and there are many rocks protruding the the waters surface. Maybe it fills up more in the rainy season. I also notice there is another small cave in the face of the opposing wall of the chasm.

What should I do next?

~inventory update~
I am currently holding:
Pack of gum, Chewed Gum, Pen, Notebook, Small Knife, Map, Torch (not lit), Book of matches, and Coins.